Individuals who have placed panels on their roofs find they deteriorate before the payback point is reached. Also the wind doesn’t always blow, and the sun, at best, shines half the day.


I can’t wait to watch city council meetings concerned with which neighborhoods to build these monsters in. I’m not even bringing up the bird kill and low-frequency noise pollution.

Nuclear is a huge investment. It has issues. But it has a proven economic model. Once made, a reactor produces energy for 25-plus years before needing to be recharged. It produces a constant energy flow 24/7. During off-peak times, the electricity can be used to produce inexpensive hydrogen, the perfect non-polluting fuel. As for danger, the Navy has had them in their surface ships and subs for over 50 years without incident.

Germany has the second highest debt load of all countries in the world — another progressive government heading for a hard landing. With their refugee issues, windmills may be the least of their problems. We are following their death spiral as it is and don’t need more ballast.

I’m optimistic that advances in technology will make wind and solar economically feasible, but we aren’t there yet.

Mike Rasnak

Leadenwah Drive

Wadmalaw Island