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Free Online Resource: “Oil 101” – Good Overview of O&G Industry

Free Online Resource: “Oil 101” – Good Overview of O&G Industry
November 13
20:20 2015

Article by Jim Willis

EKT Interactive, an online training company, has previously published a free six-part series they call “Oil 101”–aimed at giving workers (and others) interested in the oil and gas industry a working knowledge of the industry. EKT will publish a new 10-part series in January. The curriculum is fast-paced and provides an overview of how things work, the special terminology for the industry (every industry has its own lingo), and an overall conceptual framework. How do all of these puzzle pieces fit together? Meanwhile, the six mini-courses they offer now that are part of Oil 101–which include sections on upstream, midstream and downstream–are available for free when you register on their website. We’ve done a quick scan and believe it’s a worthwhile resource–something you may want to check out (www.ektinteractive.com). Here’s the announcement about the free stuff they have now, and what they have planned for January…

To meet a growing demand for training and education materials designed for new oil and gas workers, EKT Interactive will publish a comprehensive “Oil 101” e-learning course in January 2016. The company previously launched an introductory version of Oil 101 in August of this year, with a six-part eBook industry overview.

Currently, EKT Interactive is offering the introductory Oil 101 eBooks on their website for free, and next year the company will have a more in-depth 10-part free introduction to oil and gas as well as a series of oil and gas training programs on a subscription basis.

The Oil 101 digital curriculum was designed by experts with decades of experience to give people interested in oil and gas jobs a working knowledge of the industry, including the terminology, business drivers, and conceptual framework. U.S. oil and gas jobs have been a major source of net job growth since 2003, and a new generation of workers is searching for continuing education materials to prepare them for success in the industry.

EKT Interactive has 30 years of experience in the market, and wants to provide a reliable source of information for newcomers to the energy sector.

“We’ve tried to curate our material based on our own experience working in the oil and gas industry to make everyone as effective as possible in their position, no matter what it is or how much experience they have,” said Doug Stetzer, Vice President of Development with EKT Interactive.

From 2003 to 2013, job growth in the oil and gas industry outpaced the national average of private sector job growth, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The EIA reports that overall jobs in the petroleum industry increased from 292,846 in 2003 to 586,884 in 2013. Although several thousand net upstream and oilfield service jobs have been lost since then, average wages for oil and gas jobs have increased faster than the average for all private sector industries. Additionally, opportunities abound in less well known midstream, downstream and petrochemical sectors.

Texas has typically led the nation in oil and gas job growth, but thousands of new jobs have also been created by the Bakken Shale boom in North Dakota as well as the Utica Shale in Ohio. Increasingly, a working knowledge of the exploration and production, refining, transportation, and chemical sectors of the petroleum industry is essential to building a successful career in the field.

Stetzer said that too many of the existing oil and gas training guides are written from an academic perspective and are priced at a level that only those with company sponsorship can afford. EKT Interactive believes the new Oil 101 e-learning course series will become a vital resource for workers involved in every aspect of the energy sector globally.

About EKT Interactive

EKT Interactive has industry experience in all areas of oil and gas operations. Their training information, which includes a number of free eBooks, covers upstream, midstream and downstream fundamentals, risk management, industry trends and more. To learn more, visit http://www.ektinteractive.com.*



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  1. EKT Interactive
    EKT Interactive November 16, 17:07

    Thanks for passing on this review of our Oil 101 materials. We’ll be rolling out our expanded materials soon which will be a 10-part e-learning course to supplement the current ebooks.

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